At Mr. Corn we create an on-site culinary experience that will exceed your every expectation. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy a worry free event knowing that your guests are cared for and pampered in the manner that will enable you to enjoy the special event that you have planned.


You can rely on our experienced staff to look after every detail of your special event knowing that we will provide only the best in local ingredients, cooked to perfection and served with seamless service.


We offer a diverse range of catering options to enable you to customize your special event. All our locally grown seasonal produce is cooked fresh, on the spot in our custom built Texas roasters.


All of our events and “corn roasts” include the following:

  • Event consultation and logistical support
  • On site team Manager and Supervisor
    Professional cooking and serving staff
  • All Seasonings, condiments, spices and sauces
  • Serving plates, utensils, napkins and recycling bags etc.
  • Free Travel within the GTA
  • 3 hour serving time (excluding setup and tear down)

We offer the following:

  • Our Special Corn on the Cob roasted on site in its own husk in our specially built “Corn Roaster”. Served with melted butter and appropriate condiments.
  • Choice of beverage, soft drink, water, juice.
  • The following items are also available:
  • Any of our Gourmet flavored BBQ grilled and flavored
  • Our Roasted Corn removed from the cob and served in a cup
  • Freshly Baked Potato with all the fixings’
  • Sweet Potato and Yams
  • Our corn “Off the Cob” salad
  • Old fashioned oven Baked Apples
  • MrCorn original Corn Chowder
  • Call us for a free no obligation quote. We will be happy to customize a menu that will suit whatever event you have planned.