Q: How do I reserve MrCorn for my next event?

A: Give us a call and your date and time will be reserved on our calendar. We will follow up with an “Event Booking Sheet” to gather all the relevant information. As we get closer to the date an updated booking sheet along with an invoice will be sent we are able to make changes to the menu up till 48 hours before the event. Depending on the size of the event a deposit may be required.

Q: What would the cost be for my catered event?

A: All rates are individually determined based on the type of event, the menu selected, location /logistics of the event and the duration. We have a minimum charge of $1200.00 for Catering Services and $575.00 for Corn Roasting Services. Contact us with your specific details and we will be able to provide a more accurate cost.

Q: Can MrCorn provide BBQ catering service for an indoor event?

A: Yes. MrCorn will do the cooking outdoors (as required) and offer the same great tasting menu indoors in a professional setting to suite your event.

Q: Does MrCorn Travel outside of Toronto?

A: Outside of the GTA we charge $.50 per km.

Q: Is there a minimum number of people required?

A: MrCorn can cater any sized event. We do have a minimum dollar amount requirement.

Q: How much space does MrCorn require?

A: Depending on the service ordered depends on the space required. We will assist you with the event logistics and layout to ensure a successful event.

Q: Does MrCorn help plan my event?

A: We will be happy to discuss and assist in all the details of your event. Our event planners and consultants are available to discuss your every need and requirement from logistics to menu selection.

Q: Does MrCorn serve protein products?

A: As of 2016, Mr. Corn can custom build a menu to suite your requirements. Please give us a call and we are sure we will be able to accommodate your varying protein needs.

Q: Your prices are very reasonable, but I want a discount!

A: We offer very affordable, competetive rates with outstanding quality and service . We will consider discounts based on multiple events and locations. Please contact us to discuss.

Q: Can you serve a lot of people in such a short period of time?

A: We specialize in serving LARGE groups in SHORT periods of time. Want fast? How about 1,000 people in 60 minutes? We also have a variety of equipment to ensure we can meet your speed and quantity requirements.

Q: What if it rains? Can I book a rain date?

A: It is logistically very difficult to change the event date due to inclement weather. We will work with you to alter and adapt to the weather conditions and work to ensure your special event is a huge success.

Q: How can you help me in planning and executing this event?

A: We will be happy to discuss and assist in all the details of your event. We can help with all aspects of the planning process from logistics to menus to printed materials and hand outs. Just give us a call and our trained consultants can discuss your event in detail.

Q: Tell us a little about your truck -“CORNehCOPIA”.

A: “CORNehCOPIA” is the first food truck in North America to have a Texas Corn Roaster built-in as the main cooking oven. The Ontario built truck has a fully integrated kitchen including state of the art grill, fryer and 3 compartment sink. The truck is energy self sufficient but can easily be plugged in if available. The truck is able to travel to any destination and cook up the meal of your life.

Q: What are some of the specialty items on your menu?

A: You can see our entire menu by clicking on the menu tab but here is a little taste. In addition to our original roasted in its husk corn, we offer a large variety of specialty roasted /bbq flavoured corn such as Elote which is a Mexican street corn flavoured with Mexican mayonnaise and freshly grated Cojita cheese. We also offer Corn in a Cup in a variety of seasoning and flavours. Don’t forget our Hand Dipped all beef Corn Dogs, baked and fresh desserts, deep fried corn and a garden full of fresh local produce.

Q: Where can people expect to find the “CORNehCOPIA” truck?

A: We are hoping to be everywhere. In addition to attending the traditional food truck festivals and events we will also offer our corporate clients the ever popular food truck experience at their event. Follow us on social media for the current locations.

Q: Where can people follow you online?

A: Please click on the social media icons at the bottom of any page to follow us.